The Punisher Season 1, Episode 4: Resupply review and recap

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Episode 4 synopsis – Frank Castle and Micro race against Agent Madani

Frank Castle and Micro go after a weapons shipment to restock and reload his arsenal. Not realizing that Agent Madani is tasked with recovering the exact same shipment, the race begins to see who can retrieve it first. When a young soldier in Curtis Hoyle’s PTSD support group begins to behave oddly he investigates and tries to help.

Episode 4 recap – Dealing with PTSD and tracking the shipment of weapons

Throughout the series so far is a subplot involving a young man named Lewis Wilson who is part of a Veteran PTSD support group run by Frank’s friend Curtis Hoyle and sponsored by ANVIL executive Billy Russo. Lewis is struggling with adapting to civilian life after returning home and seeks refuge in Hoyle’s group to vent out his feelings amongst similar people including Hoyle himself. The story did an excellent job explaining how most of the individuals in this support group feel like they fought and did brave things for a country only to return to feel like outcasts and abandoned. Hoyle tries to tell these individuals to remain positive and look at is as getting a second chance at life since returning home. These scenes are a great allegory as to how most veterans feel in the real life and this was a great way to tie the themes of PTSD within the confines of the larger story of The Punisher. While Lewis knows Hoyle means well, he becomes influenced by a fellow member of the group, O’Connor, who continually antagonizes Hoyle’s viewpoints with his own irrational ones as well as pushing his own political agenda. Taking Hoyle’s advice about starting anew, Lewis goes to apply for the private security company ANVIL. Billy Russo rejects him from the job process due to being informed by Hoyle of Lewis’s irate behavior and breaking mental state.

The main plot of this episode involves Frank learning of a shipment of guns from resident New York bad guy Turk Barrett before he goes to retrieve the arsenal of weapons. The kicker is that Madani is also seeking these weapons in order to recover and confiscate them. Madani is still dealing with the revelations of Wolf being corrupt so her list of who she can trust is just narrowed down to her partner Sam and her mentor Rafi Hernandez; who warns her not to dig further into Carson Wolf’s past. After Madani’s team recovers the shipment, she realizes that her cameras have been hacked and are looping the same scene. She alerts her team that they have been found out.

With Micro aiding Frank by driving the truck of weapons, they are being tracked through the streets by Madani, which causes Frank to use a separate vehicle to buy Micro enough time to get away. Castle leads Madani on a high speed chase through the city and thinks he lost her until she shows up in front of him revving her engine. A game of chicken ensues with neither party letting off the gas and just when they are about to collide, Micro shows up and t-bones Madani’s car, causing it to flip multiple times. Frank stating that he had the situation under control goes to leave the scene, but not before pulling a dazed and injured Madani from her burning car. It is in this haze that Madani sees the face of Castle and realizes that her long suspicion of him being alive is true. Before she loses conscious Madani asks Castle if he was the one who killed Wolf to which he replies, yes because he was dirty. Castle issues a warning to Madani to stay out of his way.

Rare Review — Why we gave Episode 4 3/5 stars

What worked

  • Seeing Turk Barrett show up, connecting him with other series.
  • The game of chicken between Castle and Madani.
  • Frank coming back to save Madani before he disappears with Micro.
  • Frank and Micro being tacticians.
  • The character of Lewis Wilson.

What didn’t work

  • Too much exposition overpowers the action sequences.
  • You would think that with a shipment of guns that large there would be more security.

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