The Punisher Season 1, Episode 5: Gunner review and recap

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Episode 5 synopsis – Searching for any signs of Gunner Henderson

Seeking more answers from his past, Frank Castle and Micro are in search for the guy behind the camera named Gunner Henderson in order to figure out why his family was murdered. The tricky part is that no trace of the Henderson is found, it is as if he has vanished. With Frank remembering that Henderson was from Kentucky, both he and Micro travel there in hopes of finding any trace of him.

Episode 5 recap – Castle and Micro track down Gunner

When Micro learns that all the men in the tape are accounted for except the cameraman, Castle mentions that the cameraman was Gunner Henderson, a fellow soldier in his assassination hit squad.

Castle states that Gunner is one of the few men he can trust and vouches for him. The only issue is locating Gunner, as he seems to have just vanished much like Castle had. When they finally locate Gunner in mountainside Kentucky, Castle goes to his shack in order find out why he filmed the execution of Zubair. Initially thinking he is a hostile, Gunner shoots Castle with an arrow before Frank states who he is. Gunner tells Castle he viewed Agent Orange and Major Ray Schoonover working together to smuggle heroin into the United States through the bodies of soldiers who were killed in combat. Knowing that the entire unit would be incriminated, Gunner filmed the execution and then sent the original to Micro, still working for the NSA, in order to give it to the Department of Homeland Security. Micro was surveying the area with his drone picks up foreign heat signatures, which is revealed to be a mercenary team sent by Agent Orange — CIA Director of Covert Operations William Rawlins, in order to find and eliminate Gunner.

With aid from Micro and his drone, Frank and Gunner are able to fend off the mercenaries, but at the cost of Gunner being fatally wounded and Frank being critically injured. Frank swears to a dying Gunner that he will kill them all before wandering to try and get help on his own. As he ventures further into the woods, Frank collapses from his injuries and loses consciousness. Micro shows up just in time and loads Frank into a van and gives him aid until he can return to his base and assist Frank further.

Rare Review — Why we gave Episode 5 4/5 stars

What worked

  • The showdown in the woods.
  • The hunt to get to Gunner Henderson.
  • Micro using a drone to help.
  • Castle learning of why they did their hits in Kandahar.
  • Frank broadcasting to the Agent Orange that he is coming for him.
  • Madani telling Sam that she was saved by Frank and keeping it between them.

What didn’t work

  • Why was Gunner off the grid.
  • The reveal of Agent Orange was too soon.

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