The Punisher Season 1, Episode 6: The Judas Goat review and recap

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Episode 6 synopsis – Frank Castle discovers an old friend is alive

Badly injured from his battle in Kentucky, an unconscious Frank Castle is tended to by Micro who
gets help from a familiar face. A mysterious voice broadcasts over the radio with a hidden message that Frank is able to interpret. Meanwhile, Lewis Wilson still upset after being relieved from attending his evaluation at ANVIL, meets up with O’Connor as they are protesting a trial in progress concerning the second amendment. As both men encounter a police officer, things take a turn for the worse before Lewis is arrested and O’Connor flees.

Episode 6 recap – Lewis Wilson snaps, we find out who Agent Orange is

Returning with an injured Castle en tow, Micro does his best to stabilize Frank and ends up calling in Frank’s friend Curtis Hoyle for help. As Frank is recovering, Micro hears a voice over on the radio calling out for Frank and using codewords that Micro does not understand. Frank comes to and tells Micro that it is his old squad mate Billy Russo and assures him that he does not know he is alive. As he continues to recover from his injuries, Frank begins to plot their next move against Agent Orange, which Micro suggests that he should reach out to his old friend Billy first.

Back at the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Madani and Stein investigate the scene of the Gunners death and determine that someone else was on the mountain with him before he died. Madani deduces that it was Castle and orders Sam to collect blood samples for a lab test to determine if her hypothesis is correct. When the results come back positive with the sample confirmed as Castle, both agents wonder how did he get off the mountain and plan steps to find him. Madani then meets with Russo and he confronts her about investigating his former friend Frank and insists she let the case go.

After thinking things over Frank responds to Billy’s calls on the radio and proceeds to meet with Billy in person. Russo offers to him a deal to start a new life with a new identity, which Russo insists Frank think on it and meet back with him later that evening. After leaving with Russo, Frank visits Micro’s family to check in on how Sarah and the kids are doing as per his agreement with Micro. It is after this meeting Frank decides not to accept Russo’s offer and does not show up to the meeting, which was designed for Russo to kill Frank. It is in this sequence we find that Russo is actually working for William Rawlings aka Agent Orange.

Lewis, after being persuaded by O’Connor’s literature on the second amendment, joins him in protesting during a trial where he is arrested by the police and abandoned by O’Connor. Curtis shows up and bails Lewis out of jail, encouraging him to come back to the meetings and cope in a healthy manner. Lewis also discovers from Curtis that O’Connor never fought in Vietnam and actually never saw combat. Lewis goes to O’Connor’s home where he questions his service record and a fight breaks out where Lewis ends up stabbing O’Connor multiple times before he dies.

Rare Review — Why we gave Episode 6 3.5/5 stars

What worked

  • Micro saving Frank.
  • More development with Lewis and his PTSD.
  • Lewis snapping.

What didn’t work

  • Billy Russo not knowing Frank Castle is alive.
  • Frank heals and recovers like nothing has happened.

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