Disney Employee Going Viral After Completely Ruining In-Park Proposal

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One couple’s once-in-a-lifetime moment was disastrously ruined by a Disneyland employee. The couple was visiting Disneyland, Paris, and the man was planning to propose to his girlfriend. As he is down on one knee in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, about to say the magic words, the Disney employee comes sprinting by and snatches the ring from their hands.

“Yes, that’s great but over here will be even better,” says the employee as he’s showing the couple towards a metal gate.

The man says he asked a female Disney employee for permission before proposing on the platform. Apparently, there was no internal communication about the request because the man’s dreams were utterly shattered. At Disneyland.

Imagine a total stranger snatching your engagement ring right after popping the question and then telling you to move to a less picturesque spot. Gross.

The video went viral on Reddit, posted by someone with the username u/wasgehtlan. It’s already received almost 100k upvotes. It was posted onto the “I Am a Total Piece of Sh*t” forum.

The Reddit post is captioned: “POS destroyed my best friends moment. He asked for permission beforehand.”

The post has been flooded with comments about how the employee appears to have intended to ruin the moment. We don’t know this for certain, but it certainly looks this way.

“It’s surreal how such little power can go to peoples’ heads,” says one person. Indeed, it looks like this person was just waiting for the moment to be ripe.

The crowd immediately started booing the Disney employee for their faux paus.

Other comments mention that the occurrence practically seems like an assault on the guests. Some conjecture that perhaps Disneyland charges a fee for a proposal like this in a spot like this, and that the man didn’t know and didn’t pay.

The Disney employee was subsequently likened to a Nazi by others on Reddit and Twitter.

Newsweek reports that a Disneyland spokesperson made an official apology about the employee.

“We regret how this was handled… We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

The hope is that she said yes to the proposal. Otherwise, Disneyland is going to have a lot of fixing to do.

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  1. Following a flying tackle and a quick uppercut and a couple of jabs, I would have held the employee down until the police arrived and pressed charges for Grand Theft.

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