The Internet Weighs In With ‘New Jobs for Amber Heard’ Trend

Amber Heard is getting metaphorically skewered all over the internet after the Depp-Heard verdict. After Heard’s witnesses and attorneys mentioned that she had lost work, it’s been reported that DC was following suit and cutting her from Aquaman 2. “New Jobs For Amber Heard” is getting slapped onto Tweets everywhere, often alongside #AmberTurd. The trend is a bit cringey, but let’s take a look at what people are saying.

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Apparently, Heard’s gray suit blazer looks uncannily similar to Dr. Evil’s.

It’s been recommended that ex-boyfriend Elon Musk send her into space.

Here is Heard working as a Human Directional (street sign-holding mascot).

There are lots of stripper memes floating around with the “New Jobs For Amber Heard” posts. This one is possibly the most popular.

Lots and lots of poop-related memes. Eew.

Just a reminder, that the people who hold these jobs are hard workers—so nothing against the jobs themselves.

It’s likely just that it’s funny to envision a Hollywood starlet getting dirty.

Heard could work as a donation specialist at a call center in this #NewJobsForAmberHeard meme.



Not everyone is recommending that Heard stop acting, however. “New Jobs For Amber Heard” includes new roles and plot lines.

There have been a lot of movie posters.

They get worse and worse.

The get sadder and sadder.

Okay, you get the idea. “New Jobs For Amber Heard” could possibly be one of the harshest meme extravaganzas to circulate the internet, ever. The New York Times refers to the treatment of the actress as a “Hate Machine,” circulated as sport.

What do you think?

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  1. All I can say is she made her bed, now she can lie in it. I think she thought she was going to make out on this big time!! But, this isn’t the UK. Uk had one Judge, 71. Lol, She got what she deserved and it’s too bad for women who have really been abused. She just defamed herself and other women. Let her appeal.

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