Young Woman or Old Man? What You See Reveals Plenty About You

Well, which did you see first?

Was it the back of a young woman’s profile with her hail falling down her back over a collar…

Or, was it, the old mans face with closed eyes, moustache and bottom lip pout?

Woman on the left?
Man on the right?

Lock in your answer before you read what both say about your personality.
No cheating.

Okay: According to PlayBuzz content creator TeacherQuizzes, one makes you goal-driven and reliable, while the other is optimistic and impulsive.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you first saw the back of a young girl’s head, then you are ‘optimistic and beaming with positive energy’ as well as ‘strong, curious and enjoys helping others.’

While those are all great compliments and traits, it adds that seeing the girl’s head first is linked to someone who is going to be “impulsive.”

If you saw the old man, then you are supposedly more “calm, honest and faithful” as well as more positives, “trustworthy” and “reliable.”

The flipside to those positives is the negative tendency to be a perfectionist.

Well… how did we do? If we nailed it make sure to vote up so we know!

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