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Cold, snow and ice. Three elements Celeste Currie was all too familiar with during her undergraduate years at Syracuse University.

After a failed hunt to find the perfect infinity scarf, Currie, 19-years-old at the time, decided to knit one herself. According to Marie Claire, she liked the scarf so much, it occurred to her that others in similar conditions might like it, too.

And thus Soulscarf was born.

“I can actually turn this into a company,” she recounted in an interview with Marie Claire.

Soulscarf is a scarf company where 20 percent of all proceeds are donated to charity. Each scarf has a different color heart stitched onto a small tag, representative of the causes Currie donates to.

With Currie’s prototype, and some help from an Information Technology, Design and Startups class, Currie turned an idea into a company – a reality.

“Starting my own business has taught me so many different skills, from business development, to client relations, marketing, advertising, customer service, product design and much more,” the Information Technology and Management graduate told Rare.

Currie, who describes herself as an extremely curious person, said she is easily inspired.

“I hope my experience influences others to put themselves out there, get uncomfortable, and explore areas they may not feel 100 perfect confident in,” she told Rare.

And in 2016, her goal is simple: to accomplish even more.

“Whether that’s donating more money to charity or dedicating more time to both my professional and personal life, I am just looking to do more,” she told Rare.

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