In 2015, political reporter Guy Benson made headlines across the world when the conservative writer told his readers that he is gay.

How did he do it? One might ask. Through his book, co-written with friend Mary Katharine Ham.

The book, “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun),” included a brief passage where he informed the public of his sexual orientation, which brought him a different sort of attention than he was used to.

“I think a lot of gay people have felt for generations, obviously, that they have not been treated fairly, and I don’t think that coming to a point of social harmony and then pushing further in this almost vengeful, ‘Let’s get ‘em,’ hounding people out of jobs … [I]t’s not productive, it’s not good for the country,” Benson told BuzzFeed.

After so much work together, it makes sense that Ham is a huge inspiration for Benson.

“My admiration of her could not be more profound,” he told Rare of Ham. In 2015, much of the political community mourned the death of Ham’s husband Jake Brewer, when he died in a tragic cycling accident in September.

“She has suffered an unimaginable loss, yet has made a choice to forge ahead with preternatural poise, grace and purpose as she raises two daughters on her own,” Benson told Rare.

As his career continues its rapid rise, Benson is focused on the upcoming 2016 presidential election, and hopes to provide his readers at Town Hall and viewers at Fox News a strong and pointed message.

“I hope to offer strong, meaningful coverage of a hugely consequential presidential election — through thoughtful reporting, analysis and commentary,” he told Rare.

Watch the full YouTube video credited above: GUY BENSON: Fox News Contributor Opens Up About Being Gay and Conservative via Channel Mix

Douglas Barclay is a Senior Editor at Rare. Follow him on Twitter @douglabarclay17
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