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At only 35-years-old, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) has become one of the loudest voices for strict constitutionalism in Washington.

When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed in 2013 that the U.S. government was collecting the metadata of U.S. citizens, Amash became one of the primary opponents of mass surveillance in the House.

That same year, Amash helped build a coalition in the House to support legislation that would’ve ended the controversial NSA practice. It was defeated by only 12 votes.

The Washington Post headline read, “Justin Amash almost beat the NSA. Next time he might do it.

Amash has frequently spoken out on the need to move Republicans in a more libertarian direction and has clashed frequently with his party’s establishment which is often perturbed by the young congressman’s insistence on change.

Among Republicans, Amash is the only member of his party to explain every vote on Facebook.

Not an intern or a staffer. Amash does all the social media posting himself. He tweets regularly, taking on everyone from his own party’s establishment to President Obama.

Amash is also a big hit with right-leaning youth activists. Time reported in 2013 of Amash’s appearance at a Young Americans for Liberty conference, a libertarian student group:

As three hundred frenzied students settled into folding chairs Thursday night, the 20-year-old Constitutionalist sitting next to me made a confession. Just hours earlier, Brady Bower, of Henderson, Nevada, had taken a picture of himself in front of Michigan Rep. Justin Amash’s car, which had been parked outside the Young American’s for Liberty annual national convention. Now he was promising to post it to Amash’s Facebook page, but before he could, the lights went down, hundreds of iPhones went up, and four politicians, including Rep. Amash, entered through a side door.

A deafening roar filled GMU Law’s multipurpose room. “Jus-tin, Jus-tin, Jus-tin,” the audience chanted as it jumped to its feet.

In January, The Washington Examiner’s Jim Antle wrote that, “The 35-year-old House Freedom Caucus member already has a history of trouble-making in the halls of Congress.”

“With the right political conditions, he could make mischief on the campaign trail.”

Watch the full YouTube videos credited above: Report exposes secret NSA snooping tool via CNNRep. Justin Amash – Debate on Amash Amendment/Department of Defense Appropriations (July 24, 2013) via Rep. Justin Amash

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