Marah Lidey

Marah Lidey graduated from The University of Georgia in 2011 and has been blazing the trail for women in technology ever since.

It was evident that she enjoys a challenge when she earned a degree in Journalism with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish and received a New Media Certificate. She also earned the Jackson Spalding Award for her senior leadership in PRSSA. Currently, this innovating, talented young woman is changing the way people use their phones, one mobile experience at a time.

As the Director of Mobile Products & Messaging for, Marah leads a team to creating engaging SMS and email experiences to help millions of young people around the world make an impact on their communities. She also leads the creation of the organization’s mobile apps, overseeing the product management to create the best user experience for those young people as possible.

When she is not using mobile to help teens, Lidey leverages her mobile talents for her passion project, spreading good vibes, support and empowerment to professional women – with her daily text service, Shine Text.

Developed by Lidey and friends Naomi Hirabayashi and Chloe Lee, the texting service serves as real-time support for women struggling with self-doubt about their careers and on-the-job performance.

“The number one thing we see from the Shine community is that women, no matter what level they are in their career, struggle with confidence and issues of self-doubt about their performance,” Lidey told Glamour Magazine. “Low confidence holds us back from raises, promotions, and growing into the careers we deserve.”

“I’m loving getting to pursue two passions at once,” Lidey told in 2015.

Lidey often speaks publicly about the need to help women – especially women of color, like herself – realize they have the power to change the world by pursuing careers in technology. She’s also an active member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers and volunteers for the Mixed Remixed Festival.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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