President Obama appeared before reporters today for the first time since Donald Trump was elected president. He waved away any questions after the meeting that he had with Trump last week at the White House. The conference came in preparation for Obama’s trips abroad which he believes will help “signal our solidarity with the world.” He also took a few moments to memorialize Gwen Ifill, saying that “she was an especially strong role model for women and girls.” Obama said that he plans to keep in touch with Trump throughout his travels in order to ensure a strong transition. Throughout the press conference, the president sounded very hopeful of a Trump presidency.

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Obama said that he plans to let other world leaders know that “there’s no weakening of America’s resolve to the international community.” This comes after president-elect Donald Trump has constantly attacked the role of NATO and has said that he believes America is paying too much in the international partnership. Obama did say that he’s optimistic about the future of the Democratic party and that the party should not get discouraged. He said, “Nobody said democracy is supposed to be easy. It’s hard. And in a big country like this, it probably should be hard.”

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