Sugar Land U.S. Representative is not so sweet for The Clintons and maybe for no reason Photo by Eric Kayne/Invision for NRG/AP Images
Shunsaku Miyake, JX Nippon president and CEO, left, shakes hands with U. S. Rep. Pete Olson at the W. A. Parish power plant on Friday Sept. 5, 2014 in rural Fort Bend County, TX. At center are Daniel Poneman, United States Deputy Secretary of Energy, left center, and NRG Energy CEO David Crane. Ground was broken today on the Petra Nova Carbon Capture site, what will be the world's largest post-combustion carbon capture-enhanced oil recovery project. (Photo by Eric Kayne/Invision for NRG/AP Images)

Earlier this month, Republican Sugar Land U.S. Representative Pete Olson had to do some serious backpedalling after a number comments he made about the Clintons on public radio came back to bite him.

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On June 9, Olson speculated on the air that former President Bill Clinton was involved in the death of White House aide Vincent Foster back in 1993, and threatened former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Conspiracy theories have swirled around Foster’s death for years, but every governmental department ruled the death a suicide, according to the Texas Tribune.

The threat to Lynch concerned the more recent investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email servers.

There is no evidence to prove the former president threatened Lynch in any way, or he was involved with Foster’s death.

When the Tribune asked him if he had any new evidence concerning the matter, Olson admitted in a statement he “took the accusations a step too far” and he “regret[s] my choice of words.”

The tone of the statement was unapologetic, however, further accusing the Clintons of causing “personal wreckage” during their tenure in office.

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