Drift Off In Luxurious Comfort with 40% Off These Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets

Soft, comfortable bedding that will help keep you cool at night!

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Videos by Rare

Sleep is crucial to your health, whether that be mental, emotional, or physical. With the Ultra Soft 1800 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets, discover the wonderful healing properties of a good night’s sleep with this soft, gorgeous sheet set.

At the end of a long workday, sleep helps your brain recover properly. While sleeping, your brain prepares for the following day by forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information. Meaning, you can perfect your golf swing or absorb all of the material from tomorrow’s business meeting with ease! Plus, sleeping well helps keep your emotions under control. Mood swings and a lack of motivation can be lessened with a good night’s rest. In addition, sleeping well plays an important role for your body. A proper night’s rest helps regulate a healthy balance of hormones in your body and is vital for maintaining a strong immune system.

Mercerized and pre-shrunk for longevity and shape retention, this sheet set — featuring 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet,  and 2 pillowcases — will help you take advantage of all the benefits of sleep. Designed to stay soft and wrinkle free, this set of sheets fits even extra thick mattresses with all-around elastic and deep pockets.

Pick up a 4-piece sheet set at the Rare Shop at 40% off for just $29.99.


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