Reading efficiency has been linked to greater success in work and school. Meaning, it’s worthwhile to invest in your reading speed and comprehension skills. With The Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle, you can learn and practice powerful techniques that improve your reading efficiency while familiarizing yourself with helpful speed reading technologies.

7 Speed Reading EX is a software that aims to triple your reading speed through a variety of interactive mediums. Video tutorials from top experts guide your overall progress and engaging exercises designed to improve comprehension remove your bad reading habits. In addition, this software lets you access a vast library — 20,477 free eBooks — from any of your computers after syncing your profile through the Cloud.

And that large library continues to grow with your interests! Upload any of your favorite articles, web pages, text files, or PDFs into it and access them from anywhere in the world. With progress reports to track your improvement over time and health training videos to help you take care of your eyes, you’ll use this software to read three times faster and with full comprehension!

Rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) is a method of minimizing eye movement and increasing reading speed — particularly with digital content — by simulating a natural reading flow. Spreeder Pro is an RSVP e-reader that lets you read any digital content you want in this fashion. Simply upload URLs, documents or eBooks, or paste text into the app and this tech does the rest, displaying text at a rate that will help you get through your reading list in no time!

Both of these programs are included in The Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle, available now at The Rare Shop for $19. 

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