It’s time to upgrade your bedding with these bamboo pillows

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tossing and turning at night? The culprit could be your pillows: get a better night’s sleep with this two pack of Organic Jumbo Bamboo Pillows.

Soft but supportive, these pillows provide a perfect foundation for you to drift off into an uninterrupted slumber. Thanks to the bamboo fabrication, they contour easily for maximum comfort, no matter how your head and neck might be aligned.

Plus, the bamboo-rayon cover reduces heat retention, meaning your pillow stays at a neutral temperature all night long.

Time to upgrade the way you sleep: usually this Organic Jumbo Bamboo Pillows: 2-Pack is $119.99, but you can get it now HERE for $37.99, or 68% off the usual price.

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