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Struggling to get up from the comfort of your bed? Hoping to change your morning routine and become more productive throughout the entire day? With the Morning Sidekick Journal, you can hack your daily habits to get moving every morning and live mindfully!

Taking to mind the habits of the world’s greatest Olympians and most successful entrepreneurs, this journal uses a simple, comprehensive tracking system to hold you accountable for your daily actions. Meaning, you’ll achieve incredible consistency in creating motivation every day while reaching personal goals along the way.

In just about 3 minutes, set your day up for success with three phases. Write out specific actions you’ll take in the morning so when you wake up, you won’t think, you’ll simply do! Then, with the “Understanding Your Why” section, continue that motivation throughout the day by figuring out why you’re truly motivated to accomplish certain tasks or goals you’ve set for yourself. Last but not least, this journal provides you with bite-sized, actionable content every morning that you can apply immediately to your morning routine!

These three phases not only get the ball rolling with respect to morning productivity but also help with overall energy and health. By following these three phases, you’ll stay excited & engaged with new daily challenges, strategies, and sources of inspiration. Plus, writing down your thoughts will bring mental clarity to your life and allow you to track your growth every day, which is incredibly important for your overall happiness.

Kick-start your morning productivity with the Morning Sidekick Journal, available now in The Rare Shop for 26% off at just $24.99.


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