This is the motion-sensing, multi-color toilet bowl night light you didn’t know you needed

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Videos by Rare

The bathroom can be a dangerous place. In fact, there are roughly 40,000 toilet-related injuries in the U.S. every year. Just ask Wikipedia.

Many of these likely occur in the darkness of night when nature’s call lures you out of bed and onto the perilous porcelain throne. Enter IllumiBowl 2.0, a genius night light that clips onto the rim of your toilet and glows in glorious multi-colored brilliance, allowing you to find steady footing and perfect aim, even when you’re half asleep.

An instant Kickstarter success and a Shark Tank-backed prospect, the IllumiBowl is a fun and practical addition to any bathroom. Simply snap it onto the rim of the bowl, and set your color preference to one of the eight vibrant choices.

Want something a little more dynamic? Use the 3-stage dimmer to adjust the intensity, or choose the rotating color mode to create a mesmerizing light show. It’s not only a functional night light for the bathroom — it can also be a great tool for making potty training fun and exciting.

After the initial setup, there’s no need to switch the IllumiBowl on and off. As you approach the toilet, it turns on automatically via finely tuned motion sensors and turns off after you’ve left the room. Plus, its newly improved battery life and easy-cleaning surface mean this is one light you won’t have to labor over.

You can get the IllumiBowl 2.0 now for $12.99, discounted from the regular price of $14.99.


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