Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven is here to help whip up easy, delicious meals

Sometimes, a recipe gone horribly awry doesn’t have anything to do with your penchant for mixing up salt and sugar proportions — not to call a scapegoat into play, but your kitchen tools have a lot to do with the way your meals turn out. With this Pressure Oven from legendary chef Wolfgang Puck, you can reduce your chances for error and whip up delicious dishes, just like a professional chef.

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Master-chef approved, this sleek pressure oven combines the power of a professional appliance with the flexibility of an everyday kitchen tool. It’s large enough to fit a 14 pound turkey or a 12 inch pizza, meaning it’s not the toaster oven you had from your college days — you can make a full-sized meal for multiple people, whether you choose to roast, bake, broil or toast it.

Thanks to new pressure cooking technology, this oven seals in flavor while cooking meals up to 70% faster than conventional ovens. That means flavors become more concentrated and moisture is sealed into meats — making it virtually impossible (or at least really, really hard) to ruin a meal. Want foolproof? There’s also a built-in timer with auto shut-off and a manual thermostat to check your temperatures.

Start making top-chef quality meals with this Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven — usually $249.99, you can get it HERE now for $116.99, or 53% off the usual price.

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