21 Year Old Air Force Cadet and Football Player Dies Suddenly… Autopsy Released

21 year old Air Force Cadet and football player Hunter Brown died suddenly during a walk from his dorm room to class in Colorado Springs, Colorado last month.

An autopsy released recently reveals that Brown suffered a blood clot that reportedly originated from a foot injury he suffered in football practice two months earlier.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In a post made to the Twitter account of the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Academy stated about Brown…

With heavy hearts we share the loss of a cadet. C3C Hunter Brown died Monday after suffering a medical emergency while on his way to class. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, teammates and fellow cadets. #NeverForgotten

Air Force Academy Tweet on passing of Hunter Brown

The autopsy report was very specific, and can be quoted as saying…

“Based on the history, scene investigation, autopsy, virology, and toxicology findings, it is my opinion that Hunter Brown, a 21-year-old white male, died as a result of pulmonary thromboembolism due to deep vein thrombosis resulting from Lisfranc injury of the left lower extremity,”

“The overall findings are consistent with this being an accidental death originating from an injury sustained during football practice several weeks prior to death,”

Autopsy report on Hunter Brown death

Brown had reportedly had lisfranc surgery back in November. The Gazette also reported that Brown had an enlarges liver, spleen, and heart.

Air Force Football posted this photo in remembrance of Brown. He can be seen wearing his #79.

Brown’s father told Military.com about his son’s passing…

“He wanted to kind of carry on that legacy, and he wanted to play football,” he said. “He found the opportunity to do both at the Air Force Academy.”

Hunter Brown’s father on Son Hunter Brown’s death

Brown’s mother can be quoted as saying…

“What happened was a total shock,” mother Candyce Brown said. “He was just a great kid, but to know that multiple people have come to us and said that he helped them through hard times, for me that’s one thing that kind of stands out … that I’m very proud of.”

Candyce Brown on son Hunter Brown’s passing

To lose Brown at just 21 years old is a terrible tragedy.

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  1. I don’t believe that report! A blood clot from a 2 month old injury to his foot? How many and what brand of Covid shots did he get? Why are so many younger people dying all of the sudden, you see it on the news every day!!! Sounds bad, like a plan from an evil government or several evil Billionaires.

  2. I don’t believe it at all its a cover up. My daughter got those dam shots it wasn’t no time and she had 3 blood clots in one arm. She had to because of job.

  3. Hard to believe . A. Blood clot by itself does not cause an enlarged heart , spleen ,ect . It was that SHOT . My Daughter has an enlarged left ventrical in her heart from getting that damn shot . ( Fyzer ) One day the Truth will come out .

  4. Although both Pfizer and Moderna are shielded from lawsuits based on Covid vaccine injuries, they can be and are being sued for hiding bad side effects during vaccine development. More people are viewing the vaccines as a crime against humanity.

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