49ers Fans Cause Riot and Fall Off Stands To Grab a Sweaty Towel

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Brock Purdy wasn’t the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback or even their No. 1 backup. But the Niners are Super Bowl contenders and Purdy’s productivity when filling in is a big reason why.

So it’s no wonder fans are going crazy for the guy.

How crazy? Well, bonkers enough to risk life and limb when Purdy tosses his game-worn towel into the stands.

We learned this firsthand following the 49ers’ win over the Arizona Cardinals in the regular-season finale. Purdy tossed the towel, and a fan went tumbling in pursuit.

49ers Fans Gone Wild

Sadly, what the video doesn’t reveal is if the fan actually landed the towel. We would like to think that he for certainly did. After all, that’s the type of effort that might make Purdy himself feel proud.

On the bright side, even if the fan didn’t get his prize, there’s always another game. Clearly, this is one fan who wouldn’t hesitate to try again. Still, what’s up with all these fans going wild while in the stands?

This easily could have gone way wrong, this poor dude could have actually died. but of course, nobody ever thinks that when they’re in a situation like this, the adrenaline always hits them before anything else. But for a towel? Do you really want to risk your life for a towel? I hope this dude received some free tickets for the next game at least because this to me would be so embarrassing. imagine making the news for literally falling off the stands because you wanted to grab a sweaty towel. I would never live to the end of it.

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