Blu of Earth, Aaron Rodgers’ New GF, Reacts to Witch Allegations

Blu, alleged girlfriend of Green Bay Packers NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is denying she is a witch.

What the [expletive] did I just write?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Apparently, Blu, who has been incorrectly given the name Blu of Earth (probably because her IG handle is @bluofearth), is being called a witch. She’s assuring everyone that she’s not. She took to Instagram to talk about it.

Fox News reports that Blu made two points:

1. “Ps…My name is Blu(.) Not Blu of Earth (face palm emoji).”

2. “And I do NOT identify as a witch (crying emoji)(.) Y’all are hilarious.”

To anyone who follows people who practice meditation, plant medicine, yoga, or any kind of similar new-agey healing practices, Blu seems like a normal gal. Her Instagram has 85.3K followers and it’s just a bunch of photos of a pretty hippy-looking chick alongside caption of how to take care of your body or meditate.

A quick glance through her feed and one can find a cute, artsy photo with a caption about sisterhood. Blu talks about reading Oracle cards, which are basically a branch off of tarot cards. Maybe that’s where the witch craze sprouted from?

Maybe it’s just because Blu is different than Aaron Rodgers’ other girlfriends? He was supposedly once engaged to Shailene Woodley and dated Danica Patrick.

Here’s a Twitter post alleging that Blu is a witch and medicine woman. Maybe this was the original accuser? C’mon, Man.

Blu is the host of Dejablu Podcast and has another Instagram page for Florescence, “A Modern Mystery School for Women to reclaim the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic you.” Further, her page is full of cool activities and her portfolio actually includes a TEDxTalk.

The takeaway here is that, just because someone is into things you might not understand, doesn’t make them a witch/magi/wizard/insert label here. Get with it. It just makes them interesting.

What do you think?

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