ESPN Host Falls Face-First On Live Broadcast (Video)

Shaka Hislop, who works as a sports analyst for ESPN was just enjoying another day on the job when, in front of many thousands of viewers, he collapsed to the ground.

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The British analyst was a professional athlete before he began his work for ESPN. He played professional soccer in England for several years before he came to finish his career strong here in the US. He was a very well conditioned goalie at the professional level. Since 2008, as reported by Trending Politics News, Shaka has been employed at ESPN as a commentator.

As he had done many times before, Shaka and his co-host, Dan Thomas, were preparing fans, giving stats and hyping up the upcoming match-up. The game was between Real Madrid and AC Milan, the Rose Bowl stadium was full, and everyone was in great anticipation. What no one anticipated however, was the action about to go down with the hosts.

ESPN Host Falls Face-First On Live Broadcast (Video)

In the background, the footage from the live broadcast shows the full seats, the field being watered, and everyone carrying on as normal. Dan and Shaka were exchanging their thoughts on the teams and so forth. Shaka grinned in agreement with Dan when discussing Kylian Mbappé. Dan continued by saying: “He’s been left behind, he’s on the naughty step…” Shaka’s smile grew, but he began to rock backwards. Dan stood firm, talking despite Shaka’s highly irregular roll backwards.

Shaka seemed to subconsciously recorrect his standing position, then whoosh! Over he went, full speed, microphone in hand, Dan mid sentence, face-first into the dirt. The production team quickly changed over to commercials, but not before Dan cried out “Shaka!” and beckoned for medical assistance.

Thankfully, the 54 year old Shaka was given the proper medical attention and all was well. Dan shared following the event: “My mate Shaka is not here but good news: he’s conscious, talking, I think he’s a little embarrassed about it all, apologized profusely. Not a man who likes people to make a fuss of him. Obviously far too early to make any kind of diagnosis but the important thing is that Shaka is conscious.”

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