Football fans congratulate a streaker for playing better than their team


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Though the New Orleans Saints beat the Buffalo Bills 47-10, one might argue that the REAL winner from Sunday’s game was the dedicated fan who braved chilly, 40-degree weather to strip butt naked and run onto the field. Don’t worry — none of the videos below are close enough to provide any view of his surely-freezing nether regions.

“It was a horrible game,” recalled Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.  One salty blog even went so far as to award Least Valuable Player to “everybody”:

Everyone, from the individual players, to the coaching staff who punted while down 27 points and organized this disgusting gameplan, to the general manager who decided to trade away a run stopping defensive tackle and add a wide receiver his QB wouldn’t use, should be embarrassed by how badly their team lost today.

Fans seemed to agree, congratulating the streaker for playing better than the team. He seemed to have more luck finding the end zone than the professionals.

Others were simply in awe of the situation unfolding in front of them.

It would appear that the streaker did a wonderful job of raising everyone’s spirits.

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