Las Vegas Raiders’ Isaac Rochell’s Wife Allison Kuch Is Insanely Viral on Instagram

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

NFL player Isaac Rochell of the Las Vegas Raiders is pretty cool. He’s played football for Notre Dame in college and was drafted into the NFL in 2017. Since then, he’s played for the Chargers, the Colts, the Browns, and now the Raiders. But have you met his wife, Allison Kuch? She’s so viral on Instagram and TikTok that she’s taken over some of her husband’s fans.

Allison Kuch Has Almost Twice as Many Followers as Husband Isaac Rochell

Isaac Rochell married Allison Kuch in 2021, years after they met at Notre Dame. The two are unquestionably cute together. They’re often posting photos of their time together at home, on the field, and traveling around the world. And while Isaac is off training and sweating his a** off for work, Allison is usually on the sidelines, working on her tan. Or she’ll post videos of herself making her nails pretty or lip-syncing and acting cute.

You know, typical influencer stuff.

Allison Kuch is so cute and likable that her social media following is almost double than her husband’s. She has 218k followers on Instagram and he has 118k followers on Instagram. She has 2.1 million followers on TikTok and he has 1.5 million followers on TikTok. But her social media engagement rate is through the roof. Her TikTok page shows 120.3 million likes. Meanwhile, Rochell’s TikTok page shows 51.1 million likes. Both of them get a ridiculous number of views per TikTok video but Allison’s steadily average in the million + range while Isaac’s aren’t.

For the couple, this wouldn’t normally be a bad thing. Allison’s profession is actually as a social media influencer. She started up her accounts a couple of years before becoming engaged to her NFL star husband.

Allison Talks About Being an NFL Wife. And She Sells Things.


now we just need the raiders to start selling kuch jerseys

♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

eyes on the fries, always love watching 98 #gameday

♬ Game Day – Skylar Stecker

Beyond Instagram and TikTok, she also runs a B&B in Scottsdale, Arizona, an Amazon storefront where she makes commissions off of her favorite items, a website where she makes commissions off of sharing what she’s wearing or using on her social media, and a YouTube channel where she vlogs for her almost 60k subscribers.

There is, admittedly, a lot of strategic media, scheduling, and organizing, as well as the keeping up of appearances, to do all of the things that Allison Kuch does.

Meanwhile, Isaac Rochell’s contracts tend to average in the $1.8 million range. Numbers regarding his Raiders trade in December aren’t apparent at the moment. But Sportskeeda estimates that he’s made just over $6 million during his 6-year-long NFL career and that his net worth is around $3 million.  

While it’s difficult to estimate how much Allison Kuch makes, there are some ways of guessing. This calculator estimates that, based on her level of engagement, she makes about $3,300 – $5,100 per TikTok post. That’s not including any other platform, sponsorship, or connection. And this calculator estimates that Allison makes between $615 and $1,025 per Instagram post. She is, by all intents and purposes, a “mega-influencer.”

Her content varies, but she often talks about the life of an NFL wife.

I’m no math genius, but let’s just look at TikTok. In one month, Allison Kuch posted about 35 TikTok videos. If she is making what that calculator estimated, she is making between $115,500 and  $178,500 a month, on TikTok alone.

NFL hubby, however, does make about the same money on TikTok and Instagram as his wife, according to the calculator. The calculator doesn’t account for anything but likes, followers, and how many posts you’ve made.

The NFL Has (Jokingly) Referred to Isaac Rochell as “Allison’s Husband” and “Isaac Kuch”


#stitch with @isaacrochell we really do appreciate u too, isaac ❤️ @allisonkuch

♬ original sound – NFL

If @DAVID DOBRIK duets this maybe ill think about it… 😂

♬ Luna, amore e no – Piero Piccioni

Whatever the actual details are, the court of public opinion thinks that Allison Kuch makes more money than Isaac Rochell. This might not be true, but she does have a larger following.

Allison has become so popular on social media that even the NFL forgets Isaac exists sometimes. In a series of TikToks, the Raider’s defensive end whined to the public about the league giving Kuch shout-outs before even mentioning him at all.

“Here we go again, let me address this,” Rochell said. His face was hilariously floating in the corner of a post featuring his wife simultaneously walking and taking a selfie.

“For some reason, my beautiful wife has surpassed me on all phases of life,” he said. “Which includes the NFL posting about her again before they post about me.” He then points out an action of himself playing football, and then another of Allison gluing fake nails on.

“This is me, on a Thursday night game, in the heat of battle. Playing! I’m playing! And this is her. I love my wife. Literally would die for my wife. But she’s gluing on nails before the game. Again, me in the heat of battle. Her, looking like a snack but taking selfies during the game.”

“IDK what you want us to say,” NFL responded in the comments.

But the NFL did know what to say. In a follow-up TikTok that same day, the NFL posted a stitched clip of Isaac Rochell complaining. Then they showed him in the heat of battle.

“Woooo! Nice, Allison’s husband. Very good. OOO! Nice tackle, number… what number is he? Ooooh yeah, that’s Isaac Kuch. Mmmhmm, nice,” someone said in the background. “Oh, Rochell, sorry,” the last part was spit out like the disclaimers in a pharmaceutical advertisement.

Allison’s Fame Has Overshadowed Her NFL’s Husband’s


I spent $__,___ on a ring for this to happen. She should’ve proposed to me at this point… 💍😡#marriage #lastname #smh #dreamcometrue

♬ suara asli – Galuh – Galuh

The public jumped on that interaction and now Isaac Rochell is pretty always referred to as Isaac Kuch on social media. “Mr Kuch” and “Allison’s husband” seem here to stay. But pointing this out didn’t make anything better.

“I spent my whole life waiting for that special woman to take my last name,” Isaac wrote.

“I was asking my brothers if they knew Isaac kuch the other day… ooops,” someone wrote.

“I asked my husband ‘do you know Allison kuchs husband’ like an hour ago,” another added.

“If the Browns released a Kuch jersey, I have a feeling it would sell out.” This was pre-Raiders.

“If the Browns released a Kuch jersey, I have a feeling it would sell out.”

“It’s her world and you are just living in it!”

“Omg Alison!!! Your husband is on Tik tok.”

So, who wears the pants in this NFL couple’s relationship? Hard to say. But it’s hilarious that Allison Kuch has a brand largely based on being an NFL wife… and it’s become so popular, that the public has basically forgotten what her NFL husband’s name is.

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