Lebron James Officially Passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar For All Time Leading NBA Scorer

Lakers Star Lebron James officially passed Kareem Abdul Jabbar for the #1 place on the NBA All Time Leading Scorer last night in a Lakers 133-130 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In a game played in the ‘Crypto.com Arena’, formerly known as the Staples Center, Lebron James scored 38 points. He needed 36 points to pass Abdul-Jabbar headed into the game.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Many stars headed to the Lakers arena to watch Lebron James break the record. NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe was in attendance, as well as actor Denzel Washington. Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Rapper Jay-Z were also in attendance.

See the moment that Lebron broke the record in the video below. It was a fadeaway jumpshot from midrange. Lebron then stormed down the court, celebrating his passing of Kareem.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar broke the scoring record all the way back on April 5th, 1984. His record stood for nearly 40 years.

Lebron has been in the NBA since 2003, meaning it took him 20 years in the NBA to break the scoring record. After breaking the record in 1984, Kareem would play for 5 more seasons, making his career a total of 21 seasons.

Lebron will most likely continue to pad this record for many years to come. With NBA scores continuing to rise through the years, it will be interesting to see how many players will also pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

If they continue to play, Harden and Durant will surely have a chance. They are the closest of active players.

At 38 years old, and with NBA rules continuing to value the protection of players rather than the level of competition, Lebron could easily play for at least five more years.

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