Meet Rachel Bush: The Supporting Wife of NFL Safety Jordan Poyer

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NFL strong safety Jordan Poyer is a crucial member of the Buffalo Bills. As he’s nearing the end of his contract extension with his team, rumor has it that his bombshell wife thinks he should sign on with the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent. Meet Jordan Poyer’s feisty, gorgeous, and supporting wife, Rachel Bush. She’s the NFL defensive member’s biggest defense (and one of the most beloved NFL WAGs).

Jordan Poyer’s NFL Career

Jordan Poyer was born April 25, 1991, in Dallas, Oregon. A naturally gifted athlete, Poyer played basketball, football, and baseball while attending Astoria High School. He had the opportunity to play baseball for the Florida Marlins but chose to remain in his home state and focus on football. Poyer played for Oregon State University’s Beavers from 2009 to 2012 before he was drafted into the NFL.

Poyer signed a 4-year, $2.22 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. However, he was released from the Eagles by the end of the 2013 season. The Cleveland Browns then snagged him for another 4-year, $13 million contract and named him a safety.

After completing his commitment to the Browns, Poyer joined the Buffalo Bills. His initial 4-year, $13 million contract was extended by two years. He’s widely considered one of the team’s most important defensive players after helping the Buffalo Bills get to the 2021 All-Pro games and on the 2023 Pro Bowl Game roster. This was especially great news after he didn’t make it to the Pro Bowl the previous year (sparking some online rage from his wife).

Poyer Has Battled Alcoholism While Playing for the Buffalo Bills

Poyer has previously opened up about struggles with alcoholism and how the stress of his job led him to fall off the wagon. After the Buffalo Bills lost to Houston in the 2019 playoffs, he found himself drinking every day and losing control of his life. He opened up to the public about recognizing that he had an alcohol problem and how his wife, Rachel Bush, helped him get clean. It was March of 2021, and he was celebrating one year of sobriety.

“I felt I didn’t play the way I wanted to and we lost in such a bad way that for the next 5 weeks after that game I drank every damn day. Stressed about my contract, stressed with family, stressed about life I just didn’t know any other way to cope,” he wrote on Instagram.

“My wife had seen it first hand and honestly if it wasn’t for her & the consistent support from my family and friends idk where I would be,” Poyer continued. “I remember days she would cry because I just couldn’t put a beer down. I remember not being able to play with Aliyah cause I was too intoxicated.”

He added that his mother recommended that he go to Alcoholics Anonymous and that attending a few meetings and the support of his wife helped him turn his life around.

Meet Rachel Bush: OnlyFans Model, Momma, and Supporting Wife

Rachel Bush was born November 1, 1997, in Upstate New York. She attended Newcomb Central School and got her associate degree at the same time. Bush was a Miss Teen New York beauty pageant semi-finalist, prompting her to pursue a career in modeling. She attended Florida Atlantic University for a brief time before moving on to her own entrepreneurial dreams and modeling career.

Bush met her now-hubby, Jordan Poyer, on Twitter when she was 18 and they began dating in 2015. She started a skincare line, LeaLa Natural Skincare, which focuses on natural, simple ingredients and avoids sulfates, fragrances, and parabens. Bush’s stunning features are accentuated by her jaw-dropping tan, dark hair, and luscious lips, which are partly attributed to her Brazilian heritage. As such, she’s the perfect spokesperson for her skincare line, and has also branched off toward the sexier side of modeling. Bush also sells merchandise, ranging from custom booty shorts to swimwear and more.

Rachel Bush runs an incredibly successful OnlyFans account where she charges $20 a month. Her subscribers gain access to “behind-the-scenes” photos from her photoshoots on Instagram. She has a whopping 4.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts sexy photos of herself as well as pictures from the football field and the occasional snap of her little girl, Aliyah. Sometimes she’ll even share a photo of her and Aliyah together, cheering on Poyer from the booth.

But Rachel is more than just a pretty face. She’s got a big personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Whether she’s talking about her husband’s dedication to the Buffalo Bills, clapping back against career snubs or NFL vaccination rules, or talking about Poyer’s future NFL career, she’s got the microphone and it’s turned up to full blast.

Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush’s Love Life

After meeting in 2015, Poyer and Bush became engaged in 2016, shortly before Bush gave birth to their child. The couple welcomed daughter Aliyah on December 30, 2016. They later married in a Caribbean ceremony on February 17, 2018.

Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush’s love story isn’t quite as Disney-movie-ish as that of many other celebrities. However, it’s not unique to couples everywhere and if anything, they’ve come out stronger in the end. But both Poyer and Bush were the focus of a bit of relationship drama in past years.

The drama began with a rumor that Rachel Bush and LeBron James were somehow romantically linked, but Bush later dispelled it. She reportedly told the Billy Madison Show that she thought a DM from LeBron James was actually sent from someone running his account.

“He has a wife and two, three kids. He respects them, I respect him. They have certain people running their pages sometimes,” she said. “That has been the scenario, where their friends or their manager have tried to talk to me pretending to be them.”

Jordan Poyer’s Affair Rocked the Boat But They Got Back On Board

While that whole issue or non-issue was deftly swept under the rug, Rachel and Jordan hit a much bigger bump in the road just a few months into their marriage in 2018. When Rachel Bush allegedly discovered that her husband Poyer had had an affair with a University of Buffalo student, Summer Rae, she, and the other women began engaging in an ugly text war. Then Rae posted the texts to Instagram, claiming that Bush was harassing her.

The posts have since been deleted, but the Daily Mail posted screenshots. In the nasty exchange, it seems that Rae admitted to having an affair with Poyer. However, she also said that she was under the impression that Bush had cheated on him, believing that they were going to get a divorce. She also claimed to cease all contact when she heard that Bush and Poyer were going to try to make things work.

For his part, Poyer also publicly apologized to his wife. Prior to the leaked affair, he tweeted the following message to Bush:

“In life we all make mistakes. Best thing to do is learn from them and to not make the same mistake twice,” he wrote. “Letting down the people that mean the most to me sucks… I’m sorry @Rachel_Bush I love you to death…can’t wait for us to grow stronger.”

Rachel Bush and Jordan Poyer Are Stronger Than Ever

Whatever happened, it seems that Poyer and Bush have figured out whatever they needed to figure out.

“I did things that could’ve pushed him to that point… Before we were married, but no excuse on either end,” Bush wrote on social media. “Two wrongs most certainly do not make a right.”

These days, it’s all water under the bridge. Clearly, Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush are still madly in love. She’s still his number one supporter, whether on or off the field. And Poyer clearly sees this.

“Happy birthday to my better half, my best friend & wife of almost 5 years @rachelbush,” Poyer wrote on his wife’s last birthday. “I could write a book on how blessed Aliyah and I are to have you in our lives. You are the one that holds our family together ! I love you & our fam(+ our 4 fat ass bulldogs) more than anything in this world. You’re the most beautiful woman on the planet but you’re truly the most kind, loving , caring & supportive person anyone would ever meet. I am very lucky to call you mine. Enjoy your day boo ! CHEERS TO YOU! (of bubbly water ) I LOVE YOU.”

“Love you soo much, thank you babe boo,” Rachel wrote back.

Just a couple of months earlier, Bush posted a video of herself giving her hubby a smooch. It was right before he ran back on the field. There’s no question that she’s his number one supporter and that these two have got each other’s backs.

Love can be hard, but challenges can be overcome. Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush have proven they have what it takes.

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