Orlando Brown Jr and Holly Luyah: Building a Life Together On and Off The Field

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Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr and Holly Luyah are building a life together on and off the field. Despite both Orlando and Holly being incredibly famous, they’ve managed to keep much of their private life under wraps. They share an adorable son, who they affectionately call “Butter.” Here is what we know about the NFL couple.

Orlando “Zeus” Brown Jr’s Rise to NFL Fame

Orlando Brown Jr was born on May 2, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland. His late father, Orlando Brown Sr, was a 6’7” and 360 lb offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. He was nicknamed “Zeus.” Orlando Jr took after his father in more ways than one. At 6’8” and 363 lbs, he was practically destined to be a football player.

Orlando Brown Jr graduated in the class of 2014 from Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee, Georgia. He played football at Peachtree and was a 3-star prospect. He received college scholarship offers from Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas. After initially committing to Tennessee, he backed out due to an “academic issue” and switched to Oklahoma.

Orlando Jr was redshirted freshman year and started every Sooners game from 2015 through junior year. In 2018, Brown decided to skip senior year at Oklahoma and enter the NFL draft. He had a “historically bad showing” at the NFL combine but later made up for it. He was a 3rd round draft selection for the Baltimore Ravens. Orlando was offered a $3.49 million contract with a $865,000 signing bonus.

In 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs signed Orlando Brown Jr on, offering him a whopping 1-year $16,662,000 contract. That number was based on a franchise tag placed on Orlando as a placeholder until a longer contract term could be decided. ESPN reported that Orlando and the Chiefs had failed to negotiate a contract that the offensive tackle could agree with, but both he and the team intended on sticking together.

Holly Luyah Is a Model, Influencer, and Mother to Orlando Brown Jr’s Little Boy

Holly Luyah was born November 15, 1991, in Salem, Oregon. She has one sister and one brother and stays close with her mom but also once lived in Hawaii with her dad. Holly told Arizona Foothills Magazine that her first job was cooking and cleaning for her sister’s catering business.

At the age of 19, Holly moved to Los Angeles to work as a stylist for A-list celebrities. She started a fashion blog around the same time. Holly also started modeling and launched a clothing line called Luyah by Holly Luyah.

Over time, between Holly Luyah’s superb entrepreneurial skills and jaw-dropping curves, she gained a massive social media following. Usually going by @Luyah, the influencer has 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Forbes once named her one of the top 10 influencers She often posts photos of herself modeling fashion lines and shares about her favorite beauty products, homeware, food, travel, and thoughts. Best of all, she has the cutest little boy and shares the occasional photo with him and his dad, Orlando Brown Jr.

Orlando Brown Jr and Holly Luyah’s Family & Love Life

The famous NFL couple has somehow managed to avoid being the center of major tabloid gossip. As such, it isn’t exactly clear when they started dating. However, Holly Luyah’s Instagram has a Story Highlights section dedicated to “Family.” In a photo of her and Orlando commemorating their anniversary, it’s safe to say that they’ve been together for at least 3 ½ years. They didn’t say which anniversary it was, as in if it was their 1st or their 10th, but it’s clear that the two are smitten with each other.

While Brown Jr and Luyah aren’t married as far as we know, they had a son, Orlando Claude Brown III, on December 28, 2020. They didn’t share any photos of him until his 1st birthday, but both parents announced the big day on their respective Instagram accounts. Orlando Jr referred to his son as “Big Butter” and Holly Luyah called him “baby butter.”

Orlando Brown Jr and his bombshell girlfriend Holly often refer to each other as their “twin,” “soulmate,” and “other half.” The couple travels together and have shared photos from Las Vegas and their friends’ weddings.

Holly Luyah Is Orlando Brown Jr’s Biggest Supporter

Holly supports Orlando on the field and has shared snaps of herself beaming at the Pro Bowl and in the bleachers in the wintertime.

Orlando Brown Jr still misses his father and often posts memories of his parents online. In a carousel of photos posted on his son’s birthday, he wrote:

“Orlando Claude Brown lll Big Butter turned 1 today. I’m so blessed to be able to see him continue to grow day after day. We lost my dad 10 years ago. I remember he’d say ‘make sure you take care of your kids because I took care of all y’all raggedy asses’ lol So Me and Mommy got you forever”

On Thanksgiving, Holly posted a photo of their family trio with the caption:

“If they’re good I’m good. grateful for my families health and happiness. These two are my everything. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!”

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