Tom Brady’s Retirement Sand Is Selling For $99K!

Jesus Christ, some people will do anything for money. Milking the announcement that Tom Brady was retiring, someone has taken it upon themselves to gather sand from where Brady filmed himself saying he was retiring and put it online to sell for $99,900.

Yes, for just $99,900 you can get a mason jar full of sand where the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback announced his retirement…again. Look at this little entrepreneur, you got to give it to them honestly. Believe it or not, people are actually bidding for the sand, and as of this morning, it’s set at 99 after 124 bids.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sand For $90,000? SOLD!

“Bid for 1 of 2 samples taken from Tom Brady’s exact retirement spot on February 1st 2023. Only 2 samples were taken on the day of retirement just hours after his video was posted online. Proof in photos. You will be receiving an 8oz mason jar bottled with the exact sand the GOAT Tom Brady made his retirement video on,” the post stated. 

In case you’re wondering, the football player announced his retirement from Surfside Beach in Miami near where his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen lived.  Brady retired with 649 passing touchdowns and a total of 28 rushing touchdowns in his career. 

The bidding war actually began on Thursday, when the user initially listed the sand for $677 to honor his career. The auction is set to end on February 12th so who knows maybe this is going to go even higher.

Twitter, for Once, Is Correct

As expected Twitter went insanely hard on the announcement of the sand that was being sold, with one user tweeting “ Whoever the idiot that buys this sand $90,000 doesn’t deserve $90,000 #tom brady.”

“So someone is selling some sand in a mason jar where Tom Brady retired on eBay and it’s at $99,700 now. There are about 20 others on eBay now with the exact same photo ripped off and different state pickup locations lol how dumb are people. Also, if you want it..just FLY to Tampa,” another stated.

Well, I guess at this point all we have to do is wait and see who the lucky winner is. Stupid people will be stupid.

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