US Open Beer Drinker Goes Viral With Another Chug

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

US Open fan and two-time viral beer chugger Megan Lucky is making waves once again. After breaking the internet last year with an impressive beer chug, Lucky had a round two. Just like last year, the tiny blonde woman finished an approximate pint of beer in about 7.35 seconds.

While at the US Open Grand Slam Championship game, the camera panned to the stands. There she was. Megan Lucky quickly snatched her boyfriend’s beer and started chugging. The US Open shared a video to Twitter, which has already received 1.1 Million views.

“It seems this is becoming tradition at this point,” read the caption.

The video of Megan Lucky, wearing a strappy white sundress and chugging her beer, was followed by last year’s clip. The internet timed both chugs and concluded that she was consistent in her pacing.

In an Instagram story, Lucky responded to the US Open’s Twitter post and said, “You didn’t think I’d forget about you did you?”

She also posted both chugs side-by-side, one with a timer, and they are remarkably on point. It seems that she can consistently chug a beer in 7.35 seconds. It’s worth noting that both times were without any notice. Lucky just takes the que when the camera pans to her and does what she does.

Today notes that beer-chugging is becoming more common at the US Open, with another couple showcasing their drinking abilities on-camera. A man sees the camera on him, chugs his beer, and then helps his partner finish hers.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” the US Open captioned on Instagram.

“Absolutely love to see it,” commented Lucky. That video hasn’t garnered quite as much attention as Lucky’s side-by-side consistency, but it’s endearing, nonetheless. Other comments agreed, calling the man a “legend,” “genuinely inspirational,” and “chivalrous.”

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