Angela White Says Dating Adult Stars is Way Better Than Dating ‘Regular People’

Adult film star Angela White says she prefers to date other adult film stars, and not for the reasons you might think.

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Instead, White said that porn actors are “better communicators.”

Well, OK then. But let’s give her a chance to explain.

“Relationships are difficult no-matter what your occupation is,” she said on the Inside OnlyFans podcast. “There’s different issues that we have to deal with.

“But if anything we’ve learnt to become so good at communicating what we need in a relationship, sexually, that I feel like we’re better communicators in many ways.”

White reportedly has appeared in more than 90 scenes in the adult film industry. So she clearly is fine with how things go on camera.

Anglea White on Relationships 101

Off-camera, though, she is known for being intensely private. Her appearance on the OnlyFans podcast was actually a rarity, as White tends to grant few interviews.

But at least everyone now knows what she’s seeking when it comes to love. And if you’re not making adult films, well, it appears you need not apply.

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