Boy Suspended From School Due to Mom’s OnlyFans

A Florida mother is claiming bias after her son was removed from school due to her online business ventures.

Thirty-one-year-old Sara Blake Cheek is a content creator on OnlyFans. She has also graced the covers of popular publications like Playboy and FHM. Both of which are known for their scantily clad and sexually-charged magazine issues.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Though Cheek has made quite a living with her x-rated content, it has cost her the sense of community that she believes her family deserves.

“It’s unjust and humiliating,” the mother stated after learning of the school’s decision to ‘suspend’ her seven-year-old son. Sara has three other children whose education could also be affected if rumors continue to swirl about her profession.

Too Much Talk

The debacle began with the other parents at the school. Whispers about her OnlyFans account and other adult content made their way through the school and eventually up to the administration. Cheek was swiftly banned from her son’s football games and other school activities.

Her absence from extracurriculars didn’t seem to satisfy the other parents and the situation escalated until the administration made the decision to completely remove her son from the school. Sara homeschooled her son for a short while then chose to enroll him in another public school in the area.

Fighting Back

Cheek stated that her profession is ‘no different’ than celebrities that perform sex scenes in movies and television shows. She believes that her private life shouldn’t have anything to do with any of her children’s education.

Sara has continued in her business endeavors; running a PR Management company that represents other OnlyFans content creators. She also hosts a podcast that centers its topics around the NFL.

Cheek states that the media needs to “bring more attention to the issue of canceling a mother for providing for her family simply because someone is insecure or wants to label it as bad or negative.”

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  1. Is it a “private life” when it is all over the internet? Her choices have consequences. If Cheek was speeding, got a speeding ticket, would it be at fault to her or the cop that was in the area that gave her the ticket? Same thing. We all have to deal with the consequences of our actions. If she wants this to stop, she needs to stop making her “private life” so public.

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