Influencer Caroline Cruz Says OnlyFans is For ‘Hard-Working Women’

Caroline Cruz wants the world to know that there is a hard-working woman behind a camera whenever someone joins her OnlyFans account. “I started doing OnlyFans thinking they [women]  had it so easy. I kind of went into it thinking it was going to be a lot easier. Like ‘oh you’re just basically recording yourself  and take spicy pictures.” 

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“When in fact there is so much that goes into it. You have TikTok, I have to get out five TikTok a week. I have to post some kind of picture or video every day on Instagram and make sure my story has something on it. There’s Reddit, where I have to post 100 pictures every week, there’s just so much behind it. Especially for advertising you constantly have to be making content,” she told RARE.

“Then there is the talking part, I love talking to my fans. You really get that 1:1 connection sometimes, it makes them feel special. I love it, that’s the best part of it, honestly.”

She went on to note that working hard in order to promote her platform is how she gets viewers and subscribers from different social media platforms. “People think it’s an easy job, and I’m so blessed that I have it a lot easier than others. However, there is just so much that goes into it that people don’t see as much.”

As far as what others think about what she does for a living, she says that sometimes people don’t understand the reason why she decided to start in this line of work, which is why sometimes some might not respect her joining the industry.

“There are double standards in the world about being sexually active, especially between men and women. I think OnlyFans is getting to a place where it’s not as taboo anymore. A lot of people are doing it and not everybody is making all the same content.”

Despite the double standards, Cruz says that she does know when it’s time to step back, but she’s grateful to have a platform where she can be herself and not get judged by her subscribers. As far as regrets, Cruz stated she doesn’t have any, saying she’s happy with the content that she is creating to cater to her own audience.

“It’s kind of scary to risk your livelihood and your family finding out and all of that. It’s a high-stress job because of the risk factor that comes with it. But it’s rewarding in the end financially and emotionally.”

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