Influencer Destroys Bud Light and Lingerie in Protest Against ‘Woke’ Brands

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Count model and social media influencer Bri Teresi among those who are protesting Bud Light’s use of transgender spokesperson Dylan Mulbvaney to promote the brand.

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Except Teresi didn’t stop shooting cans of Bud Light.

A recent video also revealed she took out her annoyance on Tampax Tampons lined up in front of Honey Birdette lingerie while shouting “Go woke, go broke.”

All were placed on a makeshift table atop a couple of barrels.

Bri Teresi

“I’m shooting at Honey Birdette lingerie, Tampax tampons & Budlight. These companies have all gone woke!” Teresi said in a reply to her original video. “Tampax tampons used a biological male to promote their tampons. Honey Birdette used a biological male to model their lingerie. & y’all know about Bud Light.”

Teresi sported a red, white and blue bathing suit top, jean shorts and combat boots in the video, presumably for effect.

Like many others who have protested such things, Teresi has indicated that using transgender models for marketing campaigns takes work away from female models, many of whom have been used to advertise such products — particularly those products aimed at biological females (such as lingerie and tampons).

Women are now again being given less opportunities in the media, some have said.

“I was definitely surprised when Honey Birdette decided to post this image of a biological male modeling women’s lingerie,” Teresi told Fox Business earlier this week. “When I saw this I was infuriated because I knew a woman had been robbed of the opportunity and a job and I find it absolutely hysterical that this brand claims to be ‘by women, for women’ yet is robbing women of opportunities.”

The model has more than a million followers on Instagram and Twitter so it’s safe to say, if nothing else, plenty of people heard and saw her message.

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