Influencer Says She Spent $64K on Her ‘Demonic’ Body Transformation

24-year-old OnlyFans model Kierstyn Milligan has reportedly spent over $64,000 on body modifications to give herself more of a devilish appearance. Milligan revealed the various procedures she had done to Caters News, saying, “I have tattoos everywhere, including my eyeballs, a split tongue, fanged teeth, Lipo 360 and two breast augmentations.”

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While many people feel as though Milligan’s look is demonic, she has no regrets about her decisions. In addition to moonlighting as an OnlyFans model, Milligan works as a tattoo artist. She claims that she started modifying her appearance when she was just 14 years old, which began as just a simple tattoo.

OnlyFans Model Scares Some With Her Unconventional Look

Milligan, who hails from Houston, Texas, once had a more conventional look, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a face free of tattoos and piercings. Now, the OnlyFans model has a large butterfly tattoo on her forehead, black eyes, and multi-colored hair. She also sports a split tongue that appears to be dyed blue. Milligan revealed what her family thinks of her current look, stating, “My family and friends are very supportive of anything I want to do, but initially they were shocked. But they are used to it now.”

Although Milligan herself seems to enjoy the way she looks, she doesn’t always get the best reactions online. She said, “The reactions I’ve got since I started sharing my journey online are 50/50 love and hate, but I just don’t let it get to me. People think … that I have no family or money. They put all these stereotypes on me, and I shut them all down.”

While Milligan has already spent thousands on her many body modifications, she doesn’t seem ready to stop by any means. She stated, “I plan to tattoo more of my body and possibly get more surgeries.” The influencer also added, “The most painful modification was my tongue being split — it makes getting tattooed seem like a piece of cake.”

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