Model Says She Was ‘Humiliated’ at Universal Studios For Wearing Top That Shows Cleavage

Jam Press/ Whitney Paige

A model is claiming she was “discriminated against” and “sexualized” by Universal Studios employees after she was banned from entering the Theme Park. Why? Because she was wearing a “skimpy crop top” that showed off her…uh….cleavage.

26-year-old Whitney Paige Venable said she was embarrassed and humiliated after being targeted at the Orlando amusement park. She revealed staff told her she wouldn’t be able to gain access until she covered her chest with a T-Shirt.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Video of The Incident Below

She had previously shared footage of the incident, which actually took place in June 2021, but has only just brought the incident to light on social media. Safe to say the video went insanely viral, with her explaining that she turned up wearing a white sports bra and mint green shorts. She claimed that there were several other women wearing similar outfits that day.

She started her clothing “wasn’t against the rules” but the park had “targeted” her for the size of her breast. The model went on to say that her “naturally big breasts” often make people uncomfortable, but that she was sick of being treated differently than other “smaller women.”

“I felt humiliated and embarrassed,’ Whitney told Jam Press. “I was told I had to change my top to be able to enter. I think it’s because I have naturally big breasts and it makes people uncomfortable but as far as I know my clothing wasn’t against the rules.”

She continued, “I feel like I was discriminated against because of the size of my breasts. I noticed other people staring and I felt really embarrassed. It was humiliating.”

Whitney Paige on Instagram

In the video, Whitney can be seen on her way to Universal Studio with a friend, happy to spend the day at the park. Several moments later, you see their mood crushed as a second video shows them standing at the gate where they are being told they can’t go in.

“So, I guess my top is inappropriate for Universal, we’re having a problem right now,” she can be heard saying before panning the camera to an employee. In a following video, Whientey went on to say, “So apparently I have to go change into a more appropriate top even though I’ve seen a lot of people here in sports bra-looking tops.”

Speaking about the incident, she went on to say, “I felt like I was being targeted and it was the summer so it was hot, I didn’t really understand [the issue] but having a natural large breast brings attention. I ended up putting on another top over the sports bra, my friend had another top in the car. But I ended up taking it off later on in the park because it was hot and ugly. And the fact I was judged really pissed me off.”

“Smaller women can wear whatever they want – having big breasts however gets sexualized,” she continued.

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