OnlyFans Influencer Says Mother’s Marriage Was Ruined After Catching Her Stepdad Subscribing to Her Page

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An Australian OnlyFans model has revealed on TikTok that her stepfather spent close to $2,000 (Australian) as a subscriber to her OnlyFans page. The New South Wales resident, who goes by the username Ta1laaa on TikTok, states in several videos that her stepdad was one of her biggest subscribers on OnlyFans and even requested private videos.

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In the series of TikToks, the influencer states, “So when I first started my website, I had this customer who was my number one customer, bought every single thing that I sent him, he was pretty much a follower since the beginning. We would talk every day, he made custom requests, very specific things, and he also had a very specific user name on the website.”

OnlyFans Model Finds Out Her Stepdad is One of Her Biggest Subscribers

Things started to get very fishy when the influencer was alerted that the phone number of this high-paying subscriber was in her contacts. She said, “I went absolutely mental trying to figure out who this person was from my contacts.”

The OnlyFans model continued, “I narrowed it down to six people, and one of them was my stepdad. I went with my gut feeling and I messaged the website account and I said, ‘I know who this is.’ Within two minutes, [I] got a text from my stepdad saying, ‘Hey Tay can we talk?’”

The model revealed that her mother has ended her relationship with the stepfather, who has reportedly been in Ta1laaa’s life since she was only 11 years old, practically raising her. The influencer added “When I caught him, he denied it to all of his friends, and obviously my mom got rid of him straight away. But yeah, if you want to talk about family trauma, my stepdad watched me have sex with my partner for two months.”

Ta1laaa also opened up to The Daily Telegraph about the disturbing situation, revealing that she has blocked her stepdad on all forms of social media. She said, “I have not heard from him since the day I called him out. He wouldn’t even come into the house to collect his belongings while I was there.”

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