OnlyFans Is Apparently Great for People’s Sex Lives

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A new study by the journal of Sexuality & Culture that was published earlier this year states that OnlyFans actually teaches users a ton about their own sexuality, helping them become better lovers in the process. The study states that tuning into explicit content on OnlyFans can cause viewers to explore their sexuality with their partners in a more honest manner. They are also more likely to seek out information regarding sexual health when watching content on OnlyFans.

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In a survey performed during the study, researchers saw that approximately 90 percent of the 425 OnlyFans users surveyed reported that they learned more about their own sexual preferences while subscribing to the site’s content. The study also found that users are more likely to explore fetishes that they did not know they had and become comfortable in doing so. Only 7 percent of the 425 people reported that OnlyFans did not really impact their sex life.

OnlyFans Changes the Game for Some

Popular OnlyFans model MelRose Michaels, who is also the founder of adult content creator education company Sex Work CEO, spoke to VICE News about the study, saying, “This is a lot of what sex workers have been screaming for ages. Sex workers provide important roles in society, for education, for companionship, and so much more.”

Michaels then added “When talking to an adult creator who’s clearly not ashamed to explore their sexuality, especially on display for others to enjoy, it as a byproduct makes the viewer at ease to open up and discuss their own. We are already being brave, so they are compelled to be brave as well.”

Several politicians around the country have rallied to try and ban pornography, without realizing that steamy content may actually help the public’s overall mental and physical health when it comes to sexuality. And as Michaels explains, viewers of pornography, especially OnlyFans, may be able to learn things about sexual health and their own sexuality that they would not in a sexual education classroom.

Michaels further explained, “The main experience my fans have been outspoken about was how to communicate to their partner about the things they want sexually. As a society, when you deem those conversations immoral or inappropriate, you tend to not develop the language to express yourself in those ways effectively. I’ve helped a lot of my fans navigate how to put what they want into words that communicate effectively to their partners because first I needed them to communicate it effectively to me.”

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