OnlyFans Model Calls For Action After Receiving Numerous Nudes From Followers

Beth Fitt Instagram

One OnlyFans model is seeing considerably more of her followers than she had ever hoped.

More specifically, British model Beth Fitt said she is receiving pics of naked men, or men’s body parts, “hundreds” of times a day. And most of them don’t even bother to say hello first.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“It’s gross and people send them to your DMs without even saying ‘hi’ for example,” Fitt said, via Indy 100. “They send them to my email address as well. It must be a fetish or something – they’re like internet flashers. I normally just ignore them, I don’t like to give them the satisfaction of blocking them.

“I know they’re looking for a reaction but there’s no way to filter it in your message requests. It’s not something you want in your inbox, and I can’t imagine many girls sending random pictures of their breasts in DMs.”

Beth Fitt

(Beth Fitt Instagram)

Fitt, 26, understands that is sort of comes with the territory. After all, this is a woman who reportedly makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just to model on the popular website. But there has to be a limit on unsolicited naked images a person views in a day, she said.

“On OnlyFans I’m fine with it as it’s a consensual space for both parties and people normally ask first before sending,” Fitt said. “But on Instagram DMs it’s just not the platform for it.”

(Beth Fitt Instagram)

Fitt added that all of this actually started when began posting fitness pictures to her Instagram account.

“I started Instagram a year ago, before I did OnlyFans, and I was just posting fitness photos and I was receiving (the nude photographs) then. It made me feel quite uncomfortable,” she said. “People sometimes say they’re going to find out where I live and that can be quite scary for some people. It used to scare me a lot at the start but I’ve realized most of them are empty threats.

“More needs to be done by social media companies but they’re not going to know who it is. How are they going to know if it’s a fake account? They never do it on their real accounts, just a burner account that they get a thrill out of. You shouldn’t be able to share photos like that. I don’t want hundreds of unsolicited dick pics sent to my Instagram DMs every day. If you posted that on your main feed you’d be banned in a heartbeat so, why is it OK to send in a DM?”

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