OnlyFans Model Fired For Admitting to Filming Video With Minor

Italian model Michelle Comi will have to find a new spot for her modeling. Or whatever it is she was doing on OnlyFans.

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That’s because Comi has been banned from the platform as a result of admitting to filming a sexually explicit video with a minor.

The incident took place back in April when Comi ran a promotion saying she would pick one fan to … well, you know, hang out with.

But once filming was complete, Comi said, she realized the fan she chose wasn’t actually 18-years-old.

Michelle Comi

“I’m looking for a partner again now,” she said. “The boy got smart, but I hope he at least enjoyed himself,” she said, leading to much backlash.”

Needless to say, her words resulted in widespread backlash.

She simply moved on, at first anyway, and started creating content in a grocery store, of all places. Then news and entertainment website Dexerto published a piece about her admitted adventure with a teen.

A few days after that, Comi posted to Telegram she had been banned from OnlyFans — with her entire profile having been deleted.

OnlyFans has stayed mostly mum on the matter, not mentioning Comi by name.

“We don’t comment on individual accounts,” the platform said in an email to Dexerto. “However, our terms of service are clear and we do take action if people breach them.”

Comi does have a website still, and it includes links to her Telegram, TikTok and Fansly pages.

“I was banned from OnlyFans,” she wrote. “Listen carefully! I have opened a new platform, if you want to support me.”

As Dexerto noted, the age of consent in Italy is 14. So it’s unlikely that Comi will face any official legal charges. She might, however, find it more difficult to draw eyeballs to her accounts.

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