Princess Diana Look-Alike, 47, Says She Makes $16K a Month on OnlyFans

A Princess Diana look-alike is raking in the dough, she says. As in, about $16,000 a month.

And you guessed it, Lauren Spencer is a model on OnlyFans, the creator-based and often sultry website that people (mostly men) pay to observe.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Spencer said her page is indeed largely popular for the sole reason that she sort of resembles the late Princess Di. Or depending on who you ask, very much resembles.

Whatever the reason, Spencer went from rags to riches after her opportunities at regular jobs dried up in 2020, when the pandemic hit.

“We went from having a normal income to nothing overnight,” she told Business Insider.

Lauren Spencer on Instagram

So she thought she’d give OnlyFans a try. And why not? You can do it from your own home and it costs virtually nothing to set up. All you need is to find people (mostly men) to pay to view your page.

Spencer found that — and then some. She is now among the top 0.5 percent of earners. Yes, she is married, and no, her husband no longer needs to work.

As for the Princess Diana comparisons, Spencer said she’s honored.

“I often get comments from fans saying, ‘You remind me of her.’ Every time I’m told that, I’m flattered,” Spencer told Insider.

Of course, this doesn’t come easily. She estimated that she works more than 60 hours a week to try to give her viewers the content they want.

A lot of that is shooting, editing and uploading her own content — all skills she learned how to do on her own. The payoff has been remarkable, and a little surprising.

Princess Diana? Is That You?

“So far this month, I’ve made more than $16,000 and from that, around $15,350 is from subscriptions, and close to $725 is from tips,” she said.

This is OnlyFans, of course, so there are times she resembles Dirty Diana more than the princess, she admitted.

“The fact that I remind lots of people of Diana has definitely helped. It’s a kink for some to see someone like her, who is proper and decent, in underwear,” Spencer said.

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