Teacher Who Was Fired For OnlyFans Page Says She Made More Than Annual Salary in 6 Months

Getting canned from a teaching gig can be painful. Unless, of course, you find a way to land some disposal income.

That’s been the case for Sarah Juree, 41, who was fired after it was revealed she had an OnlyFans page. So Juree lost her job as a real-life fifth-grade teacher. Now, she just plays a teacher on the Internet.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Oh, and she says she is making more than her $50,000 teaching salary — in six months on OnlyFans.

While she admittedly misses teaching, she isn’t complaining about the increase in salary. After all, she said it was needed.

Sarah Juree on Instagram

“I would teach all day and then work on one of my side hustles until I went to bed. I felt constantly stretched and so overwhelmed that I’d often cry in the bathtub at night; my kids started calling me ‘sad mommy,'” she wrote for Business Insider.

“I became increasingly depressed because of financial stress. Then inflation went sky high — gas prices skyrocketed, my grocery bills doubled, and I became even more financially desperate.”

Juree learned about OnlyFans through a friend. That friend had an account and told Juree she was making $10,000 … a month.

“Last June, I tried it out during the summer vacation,” Juree wrote. “Within a few days, my photos were copied and sent to my employer. I was sent a termination letter and my 20-year teaching career – and primary source of income — swiftly ended.”

But she said losing her teaching job was a “catalyst” for better things to come. Clearly.

“The most I’ve made in a month is $17,000, which happened right after I got fired. Since I was laid off, I’ve made a total of $75,000,” she wrote.

“However, my income fluctuates, and I have months ranging from $3,000 to $10,000. I’ve still had to work very hard to make that much as it involves a lot of marketing.”

Not that she’s complaining.

“Getting fired was heartbreaking at first, but now I’m on the path to financial abundance,” Juree wrote.

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