Couple Catch Chilling ‘Demonic Creature’ Roaming Around on Camera


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A British couple that says they merely wanted to walk their dogs at night got more than they bargained for. They crossed paths with what looked like a part kangaroo, part demon.

Dave and Hannah Rowett have the video to prove it, showing a shadowy creepy creature appearing and then quickly disappearing as they took their after-dark stroll in England.

Granted, they left some things open to question — the first being, do they always have their phones set to record while on a walk? Maybe, or maybe they just hit record when they saw whatever it was that they bumped into. Either way, it definitely deserved further investigation.

Demonic Creature Caught on Camera

The video was first posted to the couple’s Facebook page. Based on the comments, those who want to believe it’s something more than a slick editing job are believing it. Others are wildly skeptical, indicating this is little more than the Rowett’s seeking attention.

Dave said he himself doesn’t really believe in ghosts, which is either the truth or another setup. We don’t really know.

What we do know is the couple was walking their dogs in a place called Clumber Park — which has a reputation for being haunted by the “Grey Lady” spirit. The being shown on the video matches her hunched-over, long-limbed description.

Is it real, or just a publicity stunt? Well, it seems as if the devil is in the details, and perhaps those we may never know.

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