Jack The Ripper’s Face Has ‘Officially’ Been Revealed Thank To Terrifying Mug

College of Policing

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s only about 140 years too late, but we finally have a good idea of what Jack the Ripper looked like.

As we relayed by TMZ, a walking stick owned by a policeman tasked with trying to nab the undiscovered serial killer may show us Jack’s actual face. That would be a first.

The depiction is carved into the wooden handle of the stick owned by Scotland Yard Detective Frederick Abberline, who spent years trying to track down the infamous murderer — to no avail.

For the record, Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror came in London in the fall of 1888. It may have lasted until 1891, with as many as 11 victims (or more).

Is This Jack The Ripper?

Again, he was never caught. And until now, we really didn’t even have a good idea what he looked like.

Abberline’s cane was stored as an artifact at the Police College in the UK but thought to have been lost. That institution closed in 2015 and anything that remained was moved to the College of Policing headquarters.

It was there that employees almost accidentally stumbled across the cane. Maybe now, with the help of some modern technology, we can get some answers.

The Murders of Jack The Ripper

How disturbing was the guy? Well, disturbing enough that he apparently mailed the kidney of one of his victims to police, taunting them with letters. The majority of his victims were prostitutes, it seems, and took place in an impoverished neighborhood in London.

The cane with his supposed image is the only known possibility of his face that exists.

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