Good news for gun owners – Congress could soon let you pack heat in the Nation’s Capital, here’s how

The nation’s capital has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

You can have a gun in your home or business if you meet a list of criteria, but in most cases you’re not allowed to carry your gun around the city.

“In general, carrying a firearm in the District is prohibited,” says the Metropolitan Police Department on its website.

A few dozen lawmakers have a plan to use the power of Congress to influence city law to allow firearms into what they consider a huge “gun-free zone.”

House Resolution 4348, the DC Personal Protection Reciprocity Act, would require Washington to allow gun owners to carry their firearms in the city if they have a concealed carry permit from another state.

The bill has support from 36 members of Congress, all Republicans.

It would open the door to visitors being able to pack their gun for their trip to Washington.

Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs signed on to the bill.

He says Washington’s rules against concealed guns jeopardizes public safety and creates “victim zones.”

“Concealed permit holders have actually prevented crimes and saved lives because they are there if there’s an active shooter,” Gibbs said.

Washington’s representative in Congress, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, quickly blasted the bill as a “political stunt” for the NRA and accused the bill’s sponsor of meddling in her congressional district.

“Allowing more concealed guns on the streets of the nation’s capital, which is frequented not only by our residents, but also by high-level federal officials and foreign dignitaries, would be insane,” Norton said in a statement.

She pointed out Republican attempts to overturn Washington gun laws have failed in the past.

“[They] must not have gotten the memo,” she said.

The bill has been assigned to a House committee for consideration.

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