Hero neighbor pulled a 6-foot-long nightmare out of an 88-year-old man’s toilet

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A man in Lattimore, N.C. was recently able to help his 88-year-old friend when a six-foot-long snake was caught in the man’s toilet.

Mike Greene routinely removes snakes from the elderly man’s property, so he wasn’t fazed when duty called recently.

“He lives alone.  He’s in very good health, very good shape, but he don’t do snakes,” said Greene.

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In an amazing video, Greene wrangled an extremely huge snake out of the toilet, which he called “one of the biggest he’s ever captured at his neighbor’s home.”

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“Well look how big he is Mike,” the neighbor can be heard saying in the video. “Golly, I told you he was big”

Due to a mild winter, bugs and other types of snake food are on the rise, meaning there are more snakes doing just this kind of terrifying thing.

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