In case you missed it, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas this week as a Category 4 storm near Corpus.

Although it’s over 200 miles from Houston, the “dirty side” of the storm made its way through the Bayou City, with effects expected to last for weeks to come.

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Amidst the downpours and tornado conditions, in true Houston fashion, the Medical Center flooded.

“Medical Center right outside Texas Children’s.” Screen shot of’s post

This prompted an evacuation of Ben Taub hospital, with critical care patients being the priority.

Other hospitals are reportedly open at this time:

However, with another 15+ inches of rain in the forecast, area schools are taking no chances with their students’ safety, many announcing closures through the Labor Day Holiday:

Mayor Turner addressed the city earlier this afternoon, calling the storm’s impacts “unprecedented” and reporting more than 2,000 calls for rescue already received:

Damage sustained by the facilities is widespread, and conditions could continue to deteriorate:

Hobby and Bush Intercontinental are closed, as well, for the time being, and at least until Monday, respectively:

Lots of local business were closed today, too, including several area HEB’s, but a few businesses were prepared to serve customers, such as, reportedly, the Shipley’s on El Dorado in Clear Lake.

Mattress Mac wasn’t open for business, but he opened his stores for shelter to those stranded across Harris County:

And Verizon made sure its customers were in the know throughout the storm, temporarily providing unlimited data to those in the affected areas:

The President is planning to make a trip to Texas on Tuesday to assess the damage and the state’s response, but he’s not the only one coming to town:

Check back here for the latest updates on the storm and flooding, and leave the rescue operations to the trained professionals.

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Stay safe, y’all.

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