Jaclyn Smith’s Been a Sex Symbol for Women’s Empowerment for Nearly 50 Years

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Jaclyn Smith seems to be aging in slow motion. The 77-year-old OG Charlie’s Angels star just shared the cutest workout videos of her husband and herself. Not only is she still in great shape, but Smith and hubby Brad Allen are still madly in love after 26 years of marriage.

Jaclyn Smith’s Been a Sex Symbol & Symbol for Women’s Empowerment for Nearly 50 Years, Thanks to Charlie’s Angels

Jaclyn Smith played Kelly Garret on the original Charlie’s Angels in 1976. She starred in the pilot alongside Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. The show was an instant success and the three Angels stayed on for the TV show. Eventually, Kate Jackson left, as did Farrah Fawcett. Jaclyn Smith was the only actress to complete the show’s run of 6 seasons.

While Smith was landing TV and film roles prior to Charlie’s Angels, it was her role as Kelly Garret that shot her to dazzling success. It became a cult classic with a franchise that included numerous film remakes, toys, games, posters, and dolls based on the original actresses.

Jaclyn Smith continued to act, primarily in TV series, after Charlie’s Angels. She made cameo appearances in the 2003 Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and 2019 Charlie’s Angels starring a new cast including Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott. Smith starred as Vanessa Cavanaugh in the TV series The District and also appeared on a couple of episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In 2019, she was in the TV movie Random Acts of Christmas and in 2021, she was in an episode of All American.

Apart from acting, Jaclyn also is a businesswoman. She was one of the first celebrities to create a clothing line and she did so back in 1985. Her Jaclyn Smith collection eventually migrated to Nordstrom’s and features classy basics in earth tones – perfect for any capsule wardrobe.

Jaclyn Smith & Husband Brad Allen Developed a Skin Care Line Together

Smith also has a skincare line called Jaclyn Smith Beauty. And what better business for the stunning septuagenarian to promote than what she naturally embodies. Smith started her skincare line with her current husband, Brad Allen. She attributes the fact that he’s a surgeon to his expert grasp of chemistry and says the beauty line is “a labor of love” for Brad. Her website states that she uses her own products and has a twice-daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen to maintain her gorgeous skin.

Diet and lifestyle also play a huge role in Jaclyn Smith’s youthful looks.

“You’re looking at a clean-living girl,” Smith told Daily Mail. She added that she exercises regularly and eats “lots of berries and vegetables.”

“You want to be careful because you want to look like yourself. You don’t want to look plastic,” she told Daily Mail. “There are little things I would like to do, but Brad doesn’t want me to: he knows surgery can go wrong.” Jaclyn has admitted to using her own fat instead of getting Botox, stating that her husband has warned that Botox can eventually cause muscles to collapse.

Smith also said that she stays away from plastic surgery, largely because her husband has warned her about the risks and dangers associated with those kinds of procedures. Being a breast cancer survivor, Smith obviously doesn’t want to play with fire. Instead, she sticks to peels and lasers.

Smith said that her husband was with her when she first learned she had breast cancer in 2002. She remembered asking, “Am I going to be here for my children?” She has two children with her third husband, who she divorced in 1989. She also has two grandchildren, Bea and Olivia-Rose, and has pointed to her love for them as yet another reason to stay active.

Jaclyn & Brad’s Workout Shows Enduring Love, Physical Stamina

Brad and Jaclyn also push each other to stay fit, as can be seen in the actress’s high-spirited Instagram posts.

In two videos posted last week, Jaclyn’s dressed in skin-tight all-black and could pass for someone 30 years younger. The first video features the couple on their front lawn, assisting each other in a variety of workouts. At one point, she’s using Brad’s legs like a wheelbarrow as she does squats. Another segment shows Brad doing sit-ups as she does back leg lifts. They time their movements to give each other loving pecks on the lips every time they come close.

“It’s hard to stay motivated to work out during the holiday season but Brad and I have found a way to have a few laughs while also getting a workout done!” Jaclyn captioned the post.

In another video, Brad can be seen doing free squats with his wife on his back. “Blue Monday” by New Order is playing in the background and Jaclyn looks joyous. “We decided to turn it up a notch with our workouts!” read the caption. The second video is pretty steamy, seeming as their hips are locked throughout most of it.

“Every man in the world is thinking ” What a lucky man he is,” one person commented.

“I’ll have what they’re having,” someone wrote, cheekily referencing When Harry Met Sally.

“An angel on my shoulders,” wrote another.

Hundreds of comments followed the videos. They were primarily about how beautiful Jaclyn Smith is. She and her husband were called “adorable” in the first video. But the second video was considered a bit naughtier, prompting teases for them to “get a room.” Not that they care. They have a $25 million house, a big lawn, and an even bigger shared sense of humor. Not to mention, a lasting marriage. What more could anyone ask for?

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