Bodybuilding Grandmother Goes Insanely Viral: ‘Age is Nothing’

A bodybuilding grandmother has impressed even Joey Swoll, one of social media’s biggest voices and influences in the sport.

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Swoll often posts videos surrounding bodybuilding, including videos of others who are aiming to show what they’ve learned.

Well, one older lady at the gym has gone viral for showing a younger man the proper bodybuilding pose when it comes to flexing the biceps — and getting them to look their absolute best. That, of course, is the aim for every competitor.

“Granny putting us all on game! She looks amazing! This is the gym culture we love to see,” Swoll tweeted as a caption to the now-viral video.

Granny Goes Viral

He then tried out the tip himself — displaying a reaction that indicated surprise and delight.

Others who saw the video offered their own input. “This shows age is nothing but what you feel,” wrote one user. “‘Granny’ is making some 20-year-old Men look ancient in spirit.”

Swoll hasn’t done too badly for himself, either. An admitted fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Swoll once drew praise from The Terminator himself.

“Last time I met you, I ran right over to you because of your body,” Schwarzenegger wrote in a tweet directed at Swoll. “Next time, it’s going to be because of your mind and all of the positivity you’re spreading in fitness.”

That’s great, Arnold. But just wait until you get a load of granny.

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