Man Caught Slapping Woman During Cleveland Guardians Game After She Spits on Him

This past Saturday, May 13th, the Cleveland Guardians and the Los Angeles Angels were battling it out on the field. The baseball game was not the only entertainment, however, and it was certainly not the only battle that took place in the Progressive Stadium.

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During the MLB matchup, some Cleveland fans were beginning to get a bit rowdy. One man in blue had just bought himself some fine-looking nachos and was heading to sit down to watch the game. before sitting down he found it necessary to give some comments to another Cleveland fan in a red shirt who was sitting in front of him. Unfortunately, no sound was provided in the recording of the video.

Man Caught Slapping Woman During Cleveland Guardians Game After She Spits on Him

At first, the man in red sat down and the exchange seemed to dwindle but for whatever reason, nacho man couldn’t let it go. Here is where it all starts to break down. The man in red stands back up to address the nacho man who had said some fightin’ words. The man in red subsequently fired back some assumedly foul speech. Then another Guardians fan, a woman in red, felt the need to add to the escalation.

The woman in red had been standing beside the nacho man as the interaction took place. Shortly after the man in red stood back up to retaliate, the woman in red decided that it was a great idea to spit on a man who was already ticked off. That was it.

From there the brawl began. The man in red immediately sprung into action, slapping the spitter twice before shoving her to the ground. In the midst of the chaos, nacho man’s nachos flew, and he dove in to defend the lady in red. The two men grappled between the seats in the stands in a mad rage before being separated by bystanders. Thankfully their team, the Cleveland Guardians, won 8 to 6. Hopefully, the combatants can bond over the victory and get some nachos and beer again together at the next game.

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