Disturbing Video Shows Woman Spewing Offensive Language, Pushing Asian Driver into Oncoming Traffic in LA

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Shocking footage from Los Angeles has surfaced online of a woman physically attacking a group of Asian people and shouting offensive rhetoric regarding their nationality after the individuals allegedly crashed into her car. The young woman, who has been identified as Ashley Barkis, accused the man of not having a valid ID, and when he thrust his ID toward her, she started beating him and his friends. Soon, Barkis pushed the man toward oncoming traffic, but he thankfully avoided being hit by a vehicle.

The footage depicts Barkis screaming at the man, “You hit my car! So where is your insurance? Where is your insurance? Do you have a driver’s license? Are you from America? Do you even have papers? Are you legal to be here?”

Woman Physically Attacks Several Individuals After a Minor Car Accident


In case anyone was wondering, this is NOT what accountability looks like. Oof. #stopasianhate #accountability #aanhpiheritagemonth #internalizedrey_cysm

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After the man showed his ID to Barkis, she punched him in the face and began attacking his friends, who appeared to be three young women. Shortly after the footage was shared to TikTok, which showed several different angles of the violent altercation, Barkis released an apology video. The violent footage has since been removed from TikTok but is still available online because of reshares.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Barkis said, “I’d like to apologize to the family for any pain or grief that this encounter has brought. I would also like to apologize for any offense to the Asian community, as I am half Filipino. And I definitely don’t condone any violence or racism against anyone in this world.” 

The woman continued, “If I could go back and do things differently, I would. I know I look extremely aggressive and agitated in the video that’s been circling around. However, I can only take a step forward and publicly show that’s not my true character. It was extremely difficult to take any reasonable pictures of the other driver’s license, as he wasn’t necessarily holding it even reasonably still for me to take any pictures of it. I hope you guys understand now that I am not at all racist. I’m just a human being who needs a little bit more practice.”

The victims have shared images of their injuries online, which include bruises and large scratches, as well as photos of a damaged phone. It is not clear if any charges will be held against Barkis.

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